4 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Take Pool Safety Seriously

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Whenever the weather starts to turn warm and summer looms, it seems like there are endless articles about pool safety and why it’s important. However, because these news reports come out every year, it’s easy to tune them out and not listen to the message they’re trying to get across, perhaps thinking it doesn’t apply to you. Here are some reasons why all homeowners should take pool safety seriously and put proper measures in place.

  • The number of pool drownings has risen again
    Drowning deaths used to be common in Australia in the 1970s and 80s, and pool safety regulations such as the requirement for pool fencing helped bring the number way down. But in recent years, pool deaths have been on the rise again, which shows that people have become complacent over time. Most drownings are completely avoidable by ensuring your pool meets safety compliance standards, and could save you from heartbreak.
  • It’s not just children who drown in pools
    If you don’t have kids, you may think pool safety isn’t as important in your home. After all, it’s usually the deaths of children that make the headlines, which perhaps leads people to believe it’s mostly kids who drown in pools. However, statistics from Royal Life Saving showed that people in their 20s are just as at risk of drowning, with alcohol among the risk factors for drowning. That’s why it’s important to follow the guidelines for pool and spa safety, even if younger people won’t be visiting your home.
    Pets can also be at risk around unsafe pools, especially dogs who can wander into the pool and get into trouble. If you have a dog, it’s worth adding fencing to your pool so they can’t access it without supervision.
  • Unsafe pools can lead to injuries
    It’s not just drowning deaths that are a concern. Unsafe pools can lead to a number of injuries, such as:

    • Slips and falls on wet surfaces
    • Head injuries
    • Fractures and breaks
    • Injuries caused by unsafe pool drains

    In many cases, these injuries are avoidable, for example by making sure you have non-slip surfaces next to the pool and avoiding running around or diving into the pool. Just a few pool safety measures can help you avoid a nasty accident.

  • An unsafe pool can lead to a fine
    Planning to sell your home in the future? If you sell your home with an unsafe pool, you could face a fine of up to $15,000, which is much more than it’d cost to simply make your pool safe. Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home, an unsafe pool has the potential to put you in legal trouble. There have been some cases across Australia where homeowners have been prosecuted because someone has died or been injured in their pool, so it’s much better to simply get the pool up to code rather than taking that risk.
    Pool safety is important for all responsible homeowners, whatever their situation, so if you’re thinking of installing safety measures such as pool fencing, call Adelaide All Glass on 0418 843 085 or e-mail justin@adelaideallglass.com.au to find out more.