5 Reasons Why Glass is the Ideal Material for Safety Barriers

Whether you have kids running around your home, or you’re just concerned for your safety or that of your guests, there are certain areas where safety barriers are essential. Anywhere where there is a risk of falling from a height, or a potential danger to kids such as a pool, a safety barrier such as a fence will keep them away and give you peace of mind. One option that you can choose for these barriers is toughened glass, and here are some of the reasons why it’s the best choice.

  • You don’t spoil the view
    If you have a balcony or terrace that has an amazing view, whether it’s of the sea or in-land, the last thing you want is big metal poles in the way when you are trying to take in the view. Glass balustrades let you see more of the landscape, and the frames used are slim and unobtrusive.
  • It gives you a contemporary look
    Nothing says modern like lots of sleek glass panels, so if you want to achieve a contemporary look in your home, it’s the perfect choice. Finished off with stainless steel or aluminium fittings, you get a modern and stylish look.
  • Glass is safe and hardwearing
    You may like the look of glass but be worried it’s not as safe as putting up a wooden or metal fence. However, modern toughened glass is incredibly strong. It won’t shatter if someone walks into it, and it can stand up to all sorts of weather conditions. Glass that is installed for fencing or other barriers has to meet strict safety requirements, and when it’s installed by professionals, you can be sure it’s safe.
  • Glass is easy to clean
    It’s easy to clean glass in a few simple steps:

    • Use a large bucket of water with a small amount of dishwashing liquid
    • Use a sponge to scrub off dirt
    • Clean away the solution with a squeegee, from top to bottom
    • Use a microfibre cloth to do the edges and polish your glass

    How often your glass needs cleaning will depend on factors such as the weather. You may want to book a regular window cleaning service to keep the glass looking its best.

    Glass fencing is low maintenance when you compare it to wood, which often needs re-varnishing after extreme weather, or metal which can rust over time.

  • It keeps pets and kids safe
    When it comes to areas such as the pool, it’s vital that you have decent fencing to keep little ones away from the water when they’re unsupervised. Frameless pool fencing stops kids getting close to the pool, and there are minimal gaps, so they can’t squeeze through or move the panels out of place. Frameless pool fencing can still be fitted with a gate, which you can lock securely, so that nobody can get into your pool without you knowing about it.If you are considering having glass fencing or balustrades installed in your pool area, contact the experts at Adelaide All Glass on 0418 843 085 or e-mail justin@adelaideallglass.com.au to find out more.