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Glass Pool Fencing

Why Pool Fencing is Vital to Making Your Pool Compliant

Why Pool Fencing is Vital to Making Your Pool Compliant In Adelaide, like most areas of the country, there are strict rules about making your pool safety compliant. Most people don’t think about it until they decide to sell or rent out their house, but even if you’re not planning a move at the moment, it’s worth considering getting your pool inspected to ensure it’s safe. One area that’s extremely important to pool compliance laws is fencing. From the height of the

glass pool fencing

4 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Take Pool Safety Seriously

Whenever the weather starts to turn warm and summer looms, it seems like there are endless articles about pool safety and why it’s important. However, because these news reports come out every year, it’s easy to tune them out and not listen to the message they’re trying to get across, perhaps thinking it doesn’t apply to you. Here are some reasons why all homeowners should take pool safety seriously and put proper measures in place. The number of pool drownings has

5 Reasons Why Glass is the Ideal Material for Safety Barriers

Whether you have kids running around your home, or you’re just concerned for your safety or that of your guests, there are certain areas where safety barriers are essential. Anywhere where there is a risk of falling from a height, or a potential danger to kids such as a pool, a safety barrier such as a fence will keep them away and give you peace of mind. One option that you can choose for these barriers is toughened glass, and