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Glass Fencing Adelaide — How to Improve the Safety and Look of Your Living Space

For glass fencing Adelaide that’s durable, reliable, tidy and easy to maintain, you need a professional glazier team to take on the job. Our speciality is the installation and supply of house-manufactured glass products suited for all situations. The advantages of coming to us are endless, because we have experience in every category. Whether you need glass repairs, replacements or any kind of fencing installation, we can accommodate! Our products are wide-ranging and suited to all areas of the home. Additionally, our supply extends across kitchen splashbacks, counter tops, mirrors, shower screens, shelving and everything in between. The perks of going glass are endless, and the products are much stronger than you might anticipate. If glass isn’t your style, we also provide strong aluminium pool fencing which also has corrosion resistance benefits and high-recyclability. So, if you’re considering making changes to improve the look and safety of your home, start with glass fencing Adelaide from Adelaide All Glass!

Why Go Glass?

Glass is an excellent material with many benefits, which is why our glass fencing Adelaide options have become increasingly popular. Here are some of the reasons why you should go glass this year:

  • It’s fully weather resistant, non-corrosive and surprisingly durable.
  • It transmits natural day light in both directions without clouding or yellowing.
  • It’s easy to maintain with only routine spot cleaning required.
  • The glossy impact adds high-class appeal.
  • Due to its transparency, it’s incredibly versatile and suits any outdoor or indoor setting.
  • It creates the illusion of bigger space.
  • Glass fencing carries all the benefits of normal fencing without interrupting views.
  • Your plants won’t be impacted by shade as it doesn’t block sunlight.
  • It’s a great insulator against electricity which carries safety benefits.

Overall, glass fencing Adelaide is an excellent alternative for your poolside, staircase or balcony setting. Let us provide you with the solution you’ve been waiting for!

Our Installation Methods

To suit your design preferences and environment, we have different installation methods to achieve different looks with our glass fencing Adelaide:

  • Channel fixed (fully frameless)—We cut a lengthened groove into the ground and slot the glass panels in. Then, the panels are secured with a non-shrink grout which is great for wet environments. This method enables fully frameless fencing for a sophisticated infinity look.
  • Spigot fixed (frameless)— We drill Duplex 2205 grade steel spigots into the ground, before slotting and securing the glass panels. This method is tidy, simple and the small gap at the base of the panel prevents build-up of grime.
  • Stand-off fixed (frameless)— Glass panels are bolted to the structure for a clean, frameless finish, making it our most flexible option.

For more information on our glass fencing Adelaide installation methods, call us today!

As you’d now know, glass fencing Adelaide has many practical, technological and decorative benefits. If you’re unsure which installation method would best suit your purpose, a member of our team will provide educated advice.