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Glass pool fencing Adelaide — Adding Elegance to Your Landscape!

While glass pool fencing Adelaide might seem like a modern concept, glass is actually one of the earliest used materials. Before we knew it could be manufactured, volcanic glass (Obsidian) was commonly used for weaponry. To take advantage of its beauty, people began using it for decorative purposes; leading to man’s first attempt at manufacturing the substance. The success of man-made amulets and solid glass beads dates back to 2500BC. The fact that it’s still used both practically and decoratively today tells us that the advantages are still relevant. Stunning chandeliers, delicate vases and the products of Venetian talent are what typically come to mind when we think of glass. But at Adelaide All Glass, we utilise it a little differently! Glass pool fencing Adelaide is an excellent solution for restoring safety without compromising vision. We’re happy to share the advantages of our amazing products with our customers!

Why Choose Adelaide All Glass?

Adelaide All Glass specialise in glass pool fencing Adelaide. Whether you need repairs, replacements or new installations, our team are ready to help! We take a meticulous approach to our work, ensuring no details are missed. We’re so confident in our abilities that we offer a 3-year warranty on our workmanship. We have 3 different installation methods to adapt our glass panelling, with no in-ground channelling required. Our products are made from high-quality resources and are completely maintenance free (apart from the routine polish)! The best part about choosing glass pool fencing Adelaide is no doubt the versatility. No matter what setting, layout or theme you have for your outdoor space, glass poses no harsh contrast. You’re confronted with nothing other than sophisticated shine, which looks great amongst greenery. If you’ve been considering changing up your pool scape, glass pool fencingAdelaide is your faultless home improvement solution.

Selecting Your Glass Pool Fencing Adelaide

There are few things to take into account when choosing your glass pool fencing Adelaide. We help you make educated choices through consultation. There are three different installation methods for our fencing—each offering luxurious uninterrupted views of your pool.

  • Channel fixed: This is where the glass panels are slotted into a deep groove which is cut into the ground, and then secured with non-shrink grout. The option achieves the full-frameless look as there is minimal hardware used.
  • Frameless: Glass panels are slotted into durable steel spigots which have been drilled into the ground. This leaves a gap of generally 20-40mm at the base for water and grime to get though—preventing build-up.
  • Stand-off fixed: This option is for glass panels that will be attached to an existing structure such as a retaining wall or staircase. Stainless-steel stand-offs are bolted to the structure to keep your glass pool fencingAdelaide secure.
If you’re interested in any of our glass pool fencing Adelaide products or services, call our Adelaide All Glass HQ to discuss your requirements. No matter what challenge we’re faced with, we have the diagnostic and problem-solving abilities to fix it!