Why Pool Fencing is Vital to Making Your Pool Compliant

Glass Pool Fencing
  • Why Pool Fencing is Vital to Making Your Pool Compliant
    In Adelaide, like most areas of the country, there are strict rules about making your pool safety compliant. Most people don’t think about it until they decide to sell or rent out their house, but even if you’re not planning a move at the moment, it’s worth considering getting your pool inspected to ensure it’s safe.
    One area that’s extremely important to pool compliance laws is fencing. From the height of the fence to the gate and any gaps, there are strict rules about how pools should be fenced off, and here’s why it’s so important to comply with these regulations.
  • Pool Fencing Prevents Tragic Accidents
    Most pool owners don’t think anything tragic will happen to them, but the sad truth is, despite the many warnings and regulations, pool deaths are on the rise again in some areas of Australia. Many of the victims are children who wandered into a pool unsupervised, which can often happen when:

    • Pools have no fencing
    • Fencing is too low or easy to climb
    • A gate is broken
    • They can climb out of a window directly into the pool area

    Even if you don’t have children living with you, children of your family members or friends could be at risk, and even pets can drown in improperly fenced pools.

    The glass pool fencing provided by Adelaide All Glass is ideal for making your pool safer, as it’s so much harder for kids to climb than metal or wooden fences. The panels are so close together that children can’t squeeze through them, plus a secure gate can be fitted for extra safety and peace of mind.

  • Compliance Regulations around Fencing are Strict
    Simply putting up a fence isn’t necessarily going to make your pool compliant. You need to ensure you meet pool compliance standards, which includes having fencing that’s at least 1.2 metres high, has gates that swing outwards and are self-closing, and is an effective barrier for young children.
    When it comes to pool fencing, it’s better to go to a company like Adelaide All Glass who specialize in pool barriers, rather than a general fencing company. This is because we know the safety regulations inside and out, so can ensure you don’t waste money on fencing and still end up with a non-compliant pool.
  • Compliant Pools can still Look Stylish
    If you’re worried about ruining the look of your pool by adding fencing, then take a look at frameless pool fences. Glass fencing is stylish and contemporary, and barely visible, so you get a safe pool without sacrificing style.
    Pool compliance isn’t just something to think about when you’re selling your home. Backyard pools cause a huge number of deaths each year, many of them preventable. One of the most important elements of pool safety is fencing, so if you’d like to find out more about frameless or semi-frameless pool fences or want a quote, simply call Adelaide All Glass on 0418 843 085 or e-mail justin@adelaideallglass.com.au and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.