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Frameless Pool Fencing

Our range of frameless pool fencing offers style and luxurious uninterrupted views of your pool surroundings.

Fully Frameless – channel fixed

A deep groove is cut into the ground, the 12mm heat thickened glass panels are slotted into the channel, and are then secured using a special non-shrink grout, for a fully frameless fence or balustrade.

A fully frameless, free standing glass fence or balustrade is the ultimate in elegance, with minimal hardware. 12mm heat toughened glass panels are embedded in to the ground and affixed using special grout. It will provide your property with a crisp, clear and uninterrupted view with a sense of space and timeless beauty and style. This all adds to value of your property and continuous to enhance it’s beauty for years to come.

Frameless – spigot fixed

Duplex 2205 grade stainless steel spigots, made to the highest marine quality available, are core-drilled into the ground, and the 12mm toughened glass panels are then slotted in and secured.

Able to withstand 120 kg pressure, spigot fixed glass fences also provide a gap (20 – 40 mm) at the base of the glass to enable the build-up of dust, dirt and water to easily escape. Both Duplex 2205 stainless steel satin finish and mirror finish spigots are available. One of the most popular choices in frameless glass fencing and balustrading, this option is easy to maintain, retains all natural light and provides a highly sophisticated look and feel to your property.

Frameless – stand-off fixed option

316L Stainless steel stand-offs can be attached to an existing structure, like stairs or a retaining wall, and the frameless glass is then attached to the stand-offs.

For customers desiring a frameless pool fence to be affixed to an existing structure, such as stairs, retaining walls, verandas or patios, holes are pre-cut in the glass, for the 316L stainless steel stand-offs to be bolted to the structure. Once aligned with the holes in the stand-offs, the glass is then securely bolted into place. A number of different stand-off styles are available, in both satin and mirror finish, to complement the look and feel of the existing structure, and to provide an uninterrupted view of your property.


  • Comes with a 3 year workmanship warranty
  • Can be deck mounted or core drilled into concrete or paving
  • Frameless 12mm toughened Glass fencing
  • Top rail frameless Glass fencing.
  • Pinned Glass
  • Glass can be removed without removing the spigot
  • No in ground channel required
  • No additional site preparation required
  • Water and debris can flow under the glass minimizing the collection of dirt and grime
  • Easy to clean
  • Larger sheets of glass can be used
  • Grouting and expansion joints are not required
  • No scaffolding required on high rise buildings
  • Can be used on sloping sites
  • Gates can be hung directly on glass no posts required
  • Allows tiling to be completed prior to installation
  • Non-corrosive
  • Maintenance free – other than routine cleaning!

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